Enhance the Visibility of Your Retail Performance

The Retail Analytics Suite gives consumer brands the power to cost-effectively discover insights from their data, leverage a broad range of data sets, identify trends and opportunities, and be a stronger partner to retailers.


Sales Performance

Centralized visibility to sales performance tracked alongside configured KPIs (at the category, brand, and SKU levels) allowing you to identify opportunities and act upon the metrics that matter most to your business.

Inventory Management

Focus on the past, present and future. Leverage historical data to create a baseline for understanding prior issues and accountability. Use data and science-driven assessments to make present day course correction more efficient. Enhance future planning with predictive and prescriptive analytics – completing the cycle of continuous improvement.



Promotional Effectiveness

Optimize promotions performance with data science and analytics. Drive higher efficiency and effectiveness through stronger forecasts, real-time feedback and identification of best ROI re-investment. Extended supplier collaboration capabilities streamline business processes from planning through execution.

Our Retail Analytics Suite modules can be implemented together or individually – providing flexibility based upon your business needs.

Seamless integration between modules provides a centralized data foundation and expanded visibility allowing you to plan, monitor, and execute around key business operations.







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