Our Mission

1010data combines people, process and technology to fully-democratize data analytics and, in the process, empower the high-definition enterprise that makes smarter decisions and creates optimal business outcomes

Our Vision

Whether you’re an executive, data scientist or have zero technology background, our goal has always been, and will always be, to remove friction between you and your data so you can optimize company health, master customer touchpoints and digitally renovate your enterprise.

Insights for All

Whether a beginner or pro, you can uncover the insights your big data holds with an intuitive self-service platform and ready-to-analyze data streams.

Power of Simplicity

If you can use a spreadsheet, then you have the power to extract smart insights that can provide an understand the past and shape the future.

Single Point of Truth

Our solutions makes it easier to get answers to your critical questions quicker and with less risk, so you can anticipate and respond to accelerated change.

The numbers

What others are saying

We’re proud of our history and we are just getting started.  We’re not alone. Here are our most recent awards and recognitions.

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