How to build a successful cloud data architecture

"Keeping all data at the highest performance tier is costly, so you need to determine what data is needed by what process and when to get the highest return on cloud resources," said Terri Sage, CTO at self-service data and analytics platform maker 1010data.... Read more

Exploring GPT-3 architecture

"Developers can be more productive by training the GPT-3 model with a few examples, and it will develop an application in any language such as Python, JavaScript or Rust," said Terri Sage, CTO of 1010data.... Read more

Amazon Shines Spotlight on Private Labels for Prime Day

Amazon also made a major push to focus on itself. 1010data, a provider of analytical intelligence to the financial, retail and consumer markets, released a 2021 “Amazon Prime Day Primer” focusing on Amazon’s private-label merchandise, which took center stage during this year’s event.... Read more


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