Time Series Analytics Platform

Empowering retailers and brands to stay ahead of always-shifting consumer needs, drive deeper omnichannel engagement and foster greater brand loyalty


Collaborative Analytics Hub

Win in today's ultra competitive and increasingly fickle consumer marketplace through advanced collaboration between retailers and their trading communities


Consumer Intelligence Suite

Anticipate and respond to changes in buyer behavior, elevate loyalty and ensure brand resonance throughout the consumer decision journey and path to purchase


Alternative Data Solutions

React faster, get the earliest reads and gain a competitive trading edge through distinctive data sets, exclusive knowledge and strategic risk forecasting


Smarter Decisions. Better Outcomes.

Our time series-driven collaborative analytics, consumer intelligence. and alternative data solutions enable our clients to achieve improved business performance, efficiency and growth quicker, with less risk.


Optimize Today and Shape Tomorrow

Over 900 of the world’s foremost retail, consumer goods,  and financial services organizations consider 1010data the partner of choice for optimizing product portfolio health, mastering customer touchpoints and digitally transforming operations. 


A unified platform for company-wide data democratization

Powerful collaboration between you and your trading partners

Actionable insights to uncover what’s next and why

Just a Few of Our Clients

  • DollarGeneral
  • Rite Aid
  • Sprouts
  • Vitamin Shoppe
  • Wegmans