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Build Your Skills at a 1010data Training Course

1010data training courses are the ideal way to rapidly build skills and expertise around the 1010data platform. The training approach follows the same rigorous process that 1010data uses to train its own analysts. Instructor-led programs are centered on real-world scenarios, and taught in a lab environment where you conduct hands-on problem-solving against real data.

Available training courses include:


Access the Ultimate Learning and Reference Materials

The 1010data Documentation Center is a powerful resource where you can access comprehensive product documentation, rich learning materials, and a growing collection of written and video tutorials aimed at building your 1010data skills. Materials in the documentation center are geared towards every user type – from beginner to advanced, from analyst, developer, or administrator, through to the more casual user.


Master 1010data With the Help of Interactive Documentation

For advanced analysts and application developers looking to master the full depth and breadth of the 1010data platform, 1010data’s interactive documentation delivers powerful hands-on learning.

Interactive documentation enables you to see –in real-time – how the operations you perform in 1010data’s front-end interfaces translate into changes in the underlying 1010data query language code. You’ll get a jump start on your understanding of 1010data’s intuitive query language, and will benefit from being able to develop analytics, applications, and systems integrations via 1010data’s user interfaces as well as through code.


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