The leading data source for MBS and ABS

For more than 15 years, 1010data has been the platform of choice for conducting powerful analysis of the industry’s largest and most complex data sets. With all the data you require housed on a single cloud-based platform, pre-defined logic for matching data sets from multiple vendors, and the ability to integrate and analyze any additional data you choose – 1010data delivers powerful competitive advantage to your business.

Benefit from Comprehensive Analytics, at Your Fingertips


As time series analysis is native to the 1010data platform, execution of queries for prepayments, defaults, pay status transitions, and timelines to liquidation occur at unprecedented speed. Both our proprietary software and our expert knowledge of query constructs during data setup contribute to our superior performance.


We provide a spreadsheet-style intuitive user interface. And because every granular element of data is visible, customization of metrics is effortless and unlimited. Analysis can be built end-to-end from the user’s desktop, with no need for additional IT assistance or data engineering.

Ready-for-Analysis Datasets.

Our datasets are vetted by both our analysts and our clients, which include some of the largest participants in MBS/ABS capital markets. We’re constantly combing the marketplace  for new source files to assure delivered tables are always relevant and up-to-date.

Connectivity With Your Favorite Tools.

While full application building, dashboarding and machine learning functionalities are contained within the 1010data platform, our custom connectors to Excel, R, Python, Tableau and others can be utilized as needed with ease.

Expert Support.

With decades of prior experience at broker dealers, institutional investors and rating agencies, our MBS team is poised to help you evaluate and improve your data analytics processes. We’ve already assisted hundreds of clients to save thousands of hours and millions of dollars in personnel costs, as well as hardware and software charges.

Solution Brief

MBS/ABS Hosted Datasets

An overview of the MBS/ABS agency, non-agency, European, and commercial datasets hosted on 1010data, as well as other real estate and mortgage datasets.