View the Actual Stops by Consumers on Their Purchase Journey

Consumer brands and retailers gather and analyze a range of shopper data from retail channels, e-commerce sites, and other enterprise systems. But they know that most consumer purchases are researched across multiple digital properties before a transaction is completed.

To truly understand shopper behavior – and win their business – businesses need to understand the consumer’s entire path to purchase. 1010data delivers the data and analytics to understand consumers’ online pre-purchase shopping patterns and answer questions such as:

  • Which online properties am I under and over-indexed on for driving conversions?
  • Which keywords are worth investing in, and how much? Which keywords lead to actual transactions?
  • How important is portal search vs on-site (retailer) search?
  • How can you enhance web presence and promotional and merchandising strategies to lead consumers to your sites and brands?


Drawing from multiple cutting-edge data sources on online browsing and shopping behavior, 1010data’s path to purchase expertise enables you to understand how consumers shop across products, brands, and retailers in the online space, including mobile and social media – so you can make insightful decisions that grow your business.

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