Benchmark market share: Online, offline, national and local

When it comes to the fragmented and fast moving consumer landscape, retailers and brands know that market conditions can shift in an instant. 1010data’s market share data offerings deliver detailed analytics about sales, brands, products and pricing across brick and mortar, mobile and e-commerce sites, providing you powerful insights such as:

  • Retailer, brand and product market share, across online and offline channels
  • Local market share performance by merchant
  • Retailer and brand-specific conversion rates
  • Top selling items and their average selling prices
  • Measurement of promotional effectiveness


1010data brings together multiple data sets detailing the transactional behavior of millions of shoppers. The resultant insights enable you to gain a deeper understanding of where consumers are shopping and how you can proactively adapt your merchandising strategies to outpace the competition, boost sales, and drive loyalty.

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1010data Data Insights Offerings

An overview of 1010data’s portfolio of differentiated analytical data sets, to integrate with your internal data.

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