Local retail performance and market share

To make intelligent decisions that lead to business growth, retail merchants need to know exactly where they stand across key local markets. 1010data’s local market intelligence data offerings enable businesses to gain a comprehensive view of their performance in relation to their competition per metropolitan area.

With data products that include actual consumer spending behavior, users get a local business view with key metrics such as market share, shopper basket size, and trip-related information. This combined with powerful analytics, enables you with local market intelligence to address questions such as:

  • In which regional markets is my business winning and where are we challenged?
  • Which competitors are seeing gains or losses in a specific market?
  • Where do I need to invest in local advertising?
  • How should I fine-tune my strategies based on localized market conditions?


1010data’s local market intelligence data offerings combine uniquely rich and timely sources of consumer-level spending data with demographic and socioeconomic data so you to make insights-driven decisions that drive sales and loyalty.

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1010data Data Insights Offerings

An overview of 1010data’s portfolio of differentiated analytical data sets, to integrate with your internal data.

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