Consumer behavior, credit and mortgage data for investors

As an investor, you rely on data, analytics and insights to get help you drive alpha. Whether you’re looking for new sources of information to power your investment thesis, or you need to comprehensively evaluate and capitalize on an investment with a short-window of opportunity – 1010data’s investment insights offerings can help you stay ahead of the market, enabling you:

  • Enhance your investment models using consumer behavior and spending data covering hundreds of equity names
  • Determine signals using consumer and business credit intelligence
  • Gain new insights into loan performance by analyzing current and historical loan-level data
  • Assess future risk on more than 80% of the nation’s first mortgages


1010data’s investment insights offerings bring together dozens of industry leading data sources, as well as innovative data sets and indices to deliver insights for investors that are truly unique.

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1010data Data Insights Offerings

An overview of 1010data’s portfolio of differentiated analytical data sets, to integrate with your internal data.

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