Analyze consumer behavior by cohort, affinity and geography

Understanding where and how consumers are shopping is as important as what they’re buying and why. Without this knowledge, retailers and consumer brands operate blindly and risk becoming irrelevant as competitors gain greater loyalty and share of wallet.

The varied and frequently updated consumer data sets that 1010data offers are powerful because they capture actual consumer behavior rather than surveys or self-reported figures. With 1010data’s consumer behavior data sets, you can learn:

  • How big the shopper basket is and how has it changed in the latest month, quarter or year?
  • Which merchants are getting the greatest share of consumers' wallets?
  • How frequently consumers make trips to key merchants in local markets?
  • What specific items consumers are buying online?


Leveraging 1010data's robust and multi-sourced data sets can help business users not only keep up with consumers’ rapidly evolving behaviors and preferences but also confidently make business decisions to become agile, competitive and relevant in the long term.

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An overview of 1010data’s portfolio of differentiated analytical data sets, to integrate with your internal data.

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