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Knowing where your brand stands in the market is increasingly important in light of rapidly emerging businesses in a fragmented market landscape. To compete effectively, established brands need to have a complete picture of their market size, market share, their brand's loyalty among key consumer segments and more, across all channels, including online and mobile.

With the 1010data’s brand performance data offerings, you are equipped to address questions such as:

  • How does the growth of your e-commerce business compare to brick and mortar?
  • Who are your main competitors in each channel?
  • Where have your marketing and promotional strategies been most effective?
  • When are consumers responding best to your specific campaigns? 


A complete picture of a brand's success or challenges in the market is key to winning across all channels. 1010data provides various consumer data sets that can help brands gain additional insights about their business beyond what lies within their four walls.

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1010data Data Insights Offerings

An overview of 1010data’s portfolio of differentiated analytical data sets, to integrate with your internal data.

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