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Across industries, the race is on to be more data-driven. What data sets are useful and how do you get to impactful insights? How can you efficiently blend disparate internal and third-party data sets?                                               

1010data Data Insights addresses these challenges by providing customers with high quality, reliable data offerings that enable users to get valuable insights with minimal hassle. Our data is current, analysis-ready, and can be easily combined with your internal data.


Access to a Variety of Insights


Measure retailer, brand and product market share across brick and mortar, mobile and e-commerce sites to proactively adapt merchandising strategies that outpace the competition, boost sales, and drive loyalty. 


Measure online path to purchase with in-depth behavioral data on pre-purchase shopping patterns, product conversion and site attrition rates. Track how consumers shop online, across products, brands and retailers.


Gain a complete view of your brand’s success or challenges in the market to ensure you are winning across all channels. Get a complete picture of your market size, market share, brand's loyalty among key consumer segments and more.  


Gain a deeper understanding of where consumers shop and their spending through digital and in-store purchase data. Determine product affinities, brand loyalty and effectiveness of your digital merchandising strategy.


Gain a comprehensive view of your performance in relation to your competition, as well as a demographic and socioeconomic landscape, per metropolitan area.


Quickly access and analyze all the data that’s relevant to your investment decisions, unlocking insights that help drive alpha and give a competitive edge.

Multiple Methods for Delivering Insights

Analytical Datasets

For those clients who want to gain greater analytical control of data, 1010data provides granular, analysis-ready data sets, hosted on our insight platform. You can conduct ad-hoc analyses across any level to generate new insights for your most pressing questions.

Turnkey Packaged Insights

1010data’s pre-built reports, portals and data models are easy to use, enabling users of any background to derive insight quickly. With full access to our expertise, you can gain full transparency to the data and the help needed to confidently act on insights.

Get More Out of Data Insights

Make More Informed Business Decisions

Access multi-source data to provide a more complete view of customers and competitors

Get Insights As Quickly As You Need

Data updated weekly, and in some cases daily, provides timely insights for your business

Generate New Opportunities

Identify new profit upside and opportunities to earn incremental revenue

Work With Data You Can Trust

Gain access to valuable data with full transparency to accuracy and quality

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