Ask and answer questions at the speed of thought

From fundamental business queries to the most sophisticated data science models, 1010edge provides the tools to extract a full spectrum of actionable insights from your data. Analyses that once took weeks to complete can be accomplished in minutes, enabling you to become truly data-driven.

Improve business performance and outcomes

Interfaces for Every User Type

1010edge provides a range of interfaces tailored to the needs and skillsets of every user, including the intuitive Trillion-Row Spreadsheet, an Excel add-in, dashboards, custom applications, programmatic interfaces and connectors to popular front-end business intelligence tools.

Comprehensive Analytics Options

Perform descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analyses using an extensive library of functions that include powerful longitudinal (time-series) analytics, statistical functions, optimization, machine learning, and much more.

Extensibility with Popular Tools

Use your favorite tools in addition to 1010edge's native interfaces with special-purpose connectors that allow you to leverage the power of the R open-source environment, Tableau, Logi Analytics, Information Builders and more.

Just-in-time Transformation

With 1010edge, transformation of your raw data can be executed just prior to – and as part of – your analysis. This allows full transparency, flexibility and control over the pedigree of your data.

Speed & Concurrency

Benefit from a unique analytical data management system featuring massively parallel processing (MPP), dynamic memory management, and high concurrency. The result is system performance that lets you and your users maintain full train of thought while conducting ad-hoc analysis against big data.  


Achieve a powerful, 360-degree view of your business

Optimal Decisions Faster and With Less Risk

When it comes to analytics, speed is all the difference. 1010data delivers results at game-changing speeds.

Encourage Curiosity & Innovation

With the power to answer every question, your business users will begin asking – and answering – new and more valuable questions that can raise your business to new heights.

Increase Collaboration via Data Democratization

With everyone looking at the same data and using the same tools, not only can you find more insight, but the results will be more accurate and consistent.  And since 1010edge is inter-enterprise, we take that to a whole new level.

forrester wave q3 2017 report
Analyst Report

Forrester Wave Q3 2017

1010data named a leader in The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise BI Platforms With Majority Cloud Deployments, Q3 2017

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