Broad, Macro-Level Industry Coverage

It all starts here. Track consumer spending across 135 industry sectors including monitoring macro trends, identifying inflection points and analyzing targeted industries.



Top-Line Trading Signals

The TickerView™ product suite provides analysts with essential indices across multiple datasets for an accurate summary of company and brand-level performance delivered via Tableau, Excel Add-in or web GUI.



Granular Insights by Segment, Channel or Geography

This suite dives a level deeper than TickerView™ by measuring customer segments, online and in-store, across product categories through Tableau, Excel Add-in or web GUI. Stay ahead of shifting consumer behaviors that impact long-term company performance by analyzing customers on attributes such as vintage, geography or spending tier.



Ready-to-Use Observation-Level Tables

Dive into unadjusted observation-level data tables for advanced modeling. No need to de-dupe, PII cleanse or map to tickers or fiscal calendars. Access near real-time signals by leveraging multiple data sources that track consumer spending and visitation in-store and online.


Transform Your Insights.

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