Create Dynamic Retail Marketing and Promotional Campaigns

In the face of increasing online competition, retailers can fall into the habit of over-promoting and often lack the visibility, flexibility and granularity needed to understand promotional ROI. 

With 1010data Enterprise Analytics, retailers gain clarity into promotional performance through daily reporting, integration of external data sets and granular basket analysis.

Improve Promotional Strategy

Competitive Market Insight

Utilize a multi-source data approach to anticipate shifting market trends and track competitor promotional performance with proprietary spending data.

Access to More Data

Drive promotional strategy by utilizing third party information such as demographic, economic, weather, housing, mobile and social media data to understand external factors that may impact shopper behavior.

Promotional Pricing

Perform analysis on years of historical data to determine the best price for promotion and to ensure that promotions are driving total profitability, not just unit sales.

Promotional Effectiveness

Measure promotions midstream through flexible analysis and reporting to determine whether category and store goals are being met.

Promotion Planning

Gain full visibility of inventory through daily reporting to determine whether enough stock is available for a given promotional period.

Segment of One Analysis

Utilize proprietary analysis methodologies combining sales, inventory, economic and other available shopper data to customize promotions by individual shopper.

The Complete Way to Build Promotions

Leverage Unparalleled Flexibility

Analyze promotions by customized time ranges and conduct drillable analyses at the SKU, store, and regional level.

Deepen Insights with External Data

Blend and integrate external customer and market data to ensure promotions are considering all factors that can impact customer spending behavior.

Maximize Promotional Effectiveness

Give your team the tools they need to plan and maximize promotional ROI with advanced analytical methodologies.




Insights Platform Overview

1010data’s Insights Platform easily transforms data to knowledge, enabling companies to make critical business decisions quickly