Own the shopper experience both online and in-store

Retailers have access to seemingly endless amounts of data, yet still find it difficult to create a 360-degree view of customer behavior because data is often disparate, unconnected and/or irrelevant.

1010data overcomes these challenges by combining Enterprise Analytics and Retail Intelligence to derive new shopper insights, reduce customer churn and increase loyalty. 

Deepen Shopper Understanding

Loyalty Analysis

Grow your knowledge of the shopper’s path to purchase through granular loyalty analysis based on your own internal data and exclusive external data streams offered through 1010data Retail Intelligence

Shopper Segment Analytics

Track key behaviors over time of your business’ most valuable shopper segments, including item preferences and category engagement with customizable reporting. Enable targeted and personalized marketing strategies.

Trade Area Mapping

Visualize shopper spend in-store and in competitor locations across the 50 states to understand customer purchasing patterns at the local and national level.

Customer Leakage & Switching

Determine customer churn to competitor stores and discover where your most loyal customers are shopping, through 1010data's Retail Intelligence unique third-party data streams that pinpoint shopper spending.

Online Basket Analysis

Enhance your omni-channel strategy through online basket analysis utilizing digital receipt data that reveals how products are purchased together online.

Macroeconomic Trends

Understand the macroeconomic, demographic and weather trends that determine where and how much customers spend, as well as their likely impacts on your retail business.

Take Shopper Insights to the Next Level

Build a True 360-degree View of the Customer

Easily integrate 1010data Retail Intelligence to obtain a more complete view of customer spending patterns.

Gain Visibility into Your Customer’s Wallet

Know where your customers are shopping, when they’re not shopping with you and exactly how much they are spending.

Find Compelling Insights

Uncover new and compelling stories by combining the most granular details of your data with easy-to-use tools that support deeper analysis.

Solution Brief

Shopper Reports

An overview of 1010data's 2 CIP reports that make it easy to understand product performance by shopper segment