Gain Richer Supply Chain Insights

Manufacturing supply chain organizations often struggle with production planning, forecasting accuracy and order fulfillment due to legacy systems and siloed data sets that make it difficult to get a clear view of the entire network. 

1010data Enterprise Analytics harmonizes data for flexible and granular analysis, enabling more informed production planning, inventory management and order fulfillment.

Unify Data for More Accurate Planning

End-to-End Data Integration

Enable better supply chain decisions as well as stronger collaboration with retailers by having data sets reside in one location and serve as a single version of the truth.

Informed Production Planning

Help retailers assess their inventory positions, while enabling better production planning and inventory management, through proprietary monitoring tools and reports.

Demand Forecasting

Gain a better understanding of retailers’ supply needs with instant access to product sell-through, promotional effectiveness, seasonality and historical trends.

Ad-Hoc Analysis

Conduct immediate, one-off analysis of supply and retail inventory data with a flexible, straightforward interface that yields results in seconds.

Visualization and Tracking

Easy-to-use visualization tools let you easily update business partners on key supply chain metrics that impact their planning as well as that of retailers.

Be a More Nimble and Informed Supply Partner

Develop a Complete Analytical View

With a view of all data sets on one solution, you can enable better production planning decisions, increasing your responsiveness to ongoing activity across retailers.

Empower Planners

Leverage the solution’s speed, user-friendly interface and built-in visualization tools for more effective collaboration with business partners. 

Enhance Retail Collaboration

Improve your understanding of stock positions and demand needs at retailers with shared, common data sets for more effective partnerships.

Solution Brief

Supplier Portal

An overview of 1010data’s premier data sharing tool for retailers and suppliers, including reports in sales, inventory, and other key performance metrics.