Gain a 360-Degree View of the Consumer

It’s increasingly difficult to develop a 360 degree view of consumers because data is often limited, disparate or unconnected.

1010data Retail Intelligence's multi-source data streams complement your existing consumer data. This, combined with our powerful data unification and analytical capabilities, enables a robust and holistic view of consumers.

Get a Complete Picture of the Marketplace

Consumer Profiling Across Channels

Get a more complete view of consumers across all channels using unique data streams that provide line item and merchant information.

Online Consumer Journey

Understand more than just what consumers purchased; gain insight as to how they make purchase decisions throughout the entire consumer journey with proprietary external path-to-purchase data streams.

Demographic & Economic Impacts

Access external data sets that include government sources, such as US Census Bureau, to fill in the gaps in demographic and economic factors by region. Easily integrate these with other external or internal data sets.

Hypothesis Testing

With access to more data unified on a single solution, you can more quickly and easily extract what you need to test hypotheses and challenge assumptions.

Analytical Agility

Whatever the challenge may be, leverage the power of a flexible solution to accommodate the most nuanced of analytical requests and derive insights quickly.

Build Richer Consumer Profiles

Build a True 360-Degree View of the Consumer

By seamlessly blending extensive external and internal consumer data on a single solution, you can answer more questions about dynamic consumer segments and the evolving market

Understand Your Consumer’s Brand Choices

With access to unique data sets that can be blended with your internal data, you can gain a more holistic perspective on how consumers interact with brands.

Get to the “Why” Faster

With the ability to conduct analysis right at your fingertips, you don’t need to wait for external support to get the answers you need.

Solution Brief

Supplier Portal

An overview of 1010data’s premier data sharing tool for retailers and suppliers, including reports in sales, inventory, and other key performance metrics.