Develop Smart & Effective Brand Plans

Brand managers are faced with increasingly tough choices as far as where to play and how to win in light of emerging digital technologies, fast-growing niche competitors and consumers who are less and less brand loyal.

1010data gives you the power to make decisions faster, by providing the analytical capabilities to conduct in-depth assessment of go-to-market strategies across retailers and consumer segments.

Gain New Insight Into Channels and Marketing Campaigns

Campaign Effectiveness

Immediately assess promotional and advertising effectiveness with path-to-purchase data, enabling you to redeploy budgets with agility.

Joint Business Planning

Gain a deeper understanding of promotional, basket and assortment KPIs with analysis-ready tools to identify incremental opportunities for your brands and retailers.

Full Channel Coverage

Get a holistic picture of brand performance, market share and category dynamics across all channels, including ecommerce and mobile shopping, with proprietary data sets that give visibility into these previously untracked channels.

Consumer Data Unification

Link even the most disparate data sets, such as panel, POS, path-to-purchase and other external consumer behavior data, to form a more complete consumer profile.

Industry-specific Reporting

Use packaged reports, scorecards and dashboards to capture multi-channel performance, campaign effectiveness, key inventory metrics, and other KPIs pertinent to consumer goods.

Self-service Business Tools

With access to ready-to-use diagnostic tools via a straightforward interface, you don’t need a technical background to use 1010data. Enable those closest to the business to generate meaningful insights.

Give Your Brand a Competitive Advantage

Uncover New Insights

Powerful tools allow you to examine your brands and categories in new ways, yielding unparalleled insights valuable to both your business and retail partners.

Gain a Fuller Picture of the Market

Multi-source data sets provide a truly omni-channel view of consumer behavior so you're not in the dark about how your brands are performing in key channels.

Find Unique Opportunities, Faster

Obtain the data quicker, build the story faster and take it to retailers before smaller, more nimble competitors do.

Solution Brief

Supplier Portal

An overview of 1010data’s premier data sharing tool for retailers and suppliers, including reports in sales, inventory, and other key performance metrics.