Subscribers who become chronic support callers consume an inordinate amount of customer care budget. Telcos and MSOs need actionable insights to proactively identify customers-in-crisis and separate them from those who call support for other reasons.

1010edge allows for the seamless unification and analysis of all the data that provides insight into the customer experience – so you can create remediation strategies that reduce customer care costs and improve the bottom line.


Understand the Customer Experience

Use powerful data unification capabilities to gain a comprehensive view of service transactions and customer behavior across all support channels including call, chat, self-service, social media and service centers.

Predict Issues

Leverage historical, cross-functional data to model the conditions that drove previous chronic calling, so you can predictively address customer issues before they happen.

Leverage Machine Data

Map, down to an account level, machine-generated data – such as non-responding devices, node health, CMTS and plant status. Trigger alerts when conditions exist that cause service-related chronic calling. Read more about 1010data’s Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.


Improve Service Visits

Analyze same-day calls from subscribers with scheduled truck rolls. Use customer attributes such as ARPU, service mix, tenure, and previous truck rolls last 30 days to prioritize such customers for proactive intervention.

Prioritize Equipment for Updates

Understand the correlation between subscribers’ on premise equipment, support costs and the customer experience – so you can make data-driven cost-benefit decisions about equipment updates.

Actively Monitor Performance

Implement analytical alerting, reporting and KPIs that help proactively identify and manage unwanted support transactions out of the business.


1010data Perspectives - Data Unification & Harmonization

A video series featuring 1010data executives and their insight on data unification & harmonization

forrester wave q3 2017 report
Analyst Report

Forrester Wave Q3 2017

1010data named a leader in The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise BI Platforms With Majority Cloud Deployments, Q3 2017

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