Retail Business Intelligence that Empowers IT

Traditional technologies keep data siloed and trapped, allowing for little flexibility while driving high costs and relying heavily on an already stretched IT team.

1010edge makes data accessible and available to business users across the enterprise, no matter the source, enabling IT to become a true business partner.


Data Unification

Unify data from all disparate sources and ERP systems for complete data integration. End users can easily blend in external data sets.

Data Loading

Load data through a variety of self-service methods, including an Excel add-in, direct interface upload or ODBC connections.

EDW Optimization

Increase operational efficiency by consolidating the “stack” into a single, unified, end-to-end solution.

Data Governance

Control who sees what data in a highly nuanced way, enabling data sharing within your own company or with other companies.

360-degree View of the Customer

Help the business gain a 360-degree view of the customer by integrating departmental data silos.

Innovation Without Disruption

Improve underlying data systems without disrupting overlying business processes, enabling innovation while decreasing risk associated with system transformation.

A Powerful Technology Partner

Partner with a Trusted Big Data Expert

1010edge is built for speed and performance, as well as relied upon every day by leading companies across multiple industries.

Deploy a Single Platform for all Your Needs

From data warehousing to data integration, end-user visualization to analytics, 1010edge provides a full-stack solution for all your data and analytics needs.

Deliver on Evolving Business Needs

Build the focused analytic tools applications departments require while retaining the flexibility to update and change these applications as business needs change.

Solution Brief

Supplier Portal

An overview of 1010data’s premier data sharing tool for retailers and suppliers, including reports in sales, inventory, and other key performance metrics.

Consumer Insights Reporting Demo

Consumer Insights Reporting Demo

An introduction to reporting for retail and brands on the 1010data Insights Platform.

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