Get a 360-degree View of your patrons

To optimize revenue, profitability, and to enhance guest loyalty, casino resorts need to gain a complete view of patrons based on all their interactions with the resort, not just their gaming behavior. By bringing together all your data from multiple, disparate transactional systems, 1010reveal delivers a comprehensive view of guest behavior.


Unify Guest Data

Unify guest insights across every aspect of your entertainment enterprise – including food & beverage, entertainment, spa, lodging, retail and additional services.

Zero in On Guest Preferences

Measure and analyze total guest value (TGV), taking into account all ancillary spending, and zero in on the preferred activities of your top guests.

Identify Opportunities

Using powerful time series analytics and scoring capabilities, identify which guests (based on demographics, recency and frequency, or other factors) have the potential for increased TGV.


Let the Numbers Guide You

Make more profitable decisions about comps, casino layouts, promotions, food and beverage offerings, events, service offerings, and much more.

Focus on Your Best Customers

Segment, target, and evaluate players based on their impact to the bottom line. 

Identify New Players’ Potential

Zero in on player behaviors that are predictive of high lifetime value – so you can identify and build relationships with potential “top players” based on data from a single visit.

Solution Brief

Casino Overview

An overview of 1010data’s offerings to casinos, providing a holistic view of casino operations to drive total profitability

forrester wave q3 2017 report
Analyst Report

Forrester Wave Q3 2017

1010data named a leader in The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise BI Platforms With Majority Cloud Deployments, Q3 2017

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