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Legacy technology platforms limit the ability to integrate data, leading to resource-intensive custom-built programs that are costly to maintain and update.

1010data gives IT the power to be a proactive, strategic partner to brand teams and an enabler of the flexibility needed for strategic growth, especially as more and more disruptive players enter the market.

The Power of a Fully Integrated Solution

Frictionless Data Integration

Unify disparate data from any data source, whether from retailers, internal, or external. Reduce cost and time of managing and manipulating data stored across multiple locations.

Data Loading

Load data through a variety of self-service methods, including an Excel add-in, direct interface upload, or through ODBC connections.

Cloud-based & Scalable

Empower teams to work directly with data, facilitating greater autonomy across the organization. 1010data easily accommodates multiple concurrent users.

Flexible & Adaptable

Enable users to conduct custom analysis and develop applications directly within the 1010data environment, building impactful tools that are scalable across business teams.

Analytical Agility

Enable users to get insights quickly and easily with a friendly interface built atop a fast and agile platform, freeing IT to support the business in more strategic ways.

A Powerful Technology Partner

Partner with a Trusted Big Data Expert

1010data’s proprietary Insights Platform is built for speed and performance, and relied upon every day by leading companies across multiple industries.

Deploy a Single Platform for all Your Needs

From data warehousing to data integration to end-user visualization and analytics, 1010data provides a full-stack solution for all your data and analytics needs.

Deliver on Evolving Business Needs

Build the focused analytic applications different departments need, while retaining the flexibility to update and change these applications as business needs change.

Consumer Insights Reporting Demo

Consumer Insights Reporting Demo

An introduction to reporting for retail and brands on the 1010data Insights Platform.

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