Big Data Discovery in the Cloud Paves the Way For the Future of Business Analytics

1010data whitepaper details how new solutions break down barriers, empowering busiess users to ask and answer questions in ways never before possible. 

NEW YORK, November 19, 2013 -- 1010data, Inc., a market leader in big data discovery and data sharing, today released a whitepaper that focuses on the sweeping changes taking place in data analytics. Entitled “Data Discovery Meets Big Data in the Cloud: Moving from Conventional to Next- generation Data Discovery,” the paper provides insight into the ways new technologies enable business users to quickly and easily ask and answer every question against big data.

In the past, only IT specialists have had the resources and know-how to work directly with systems that enabled access to massive volumes of data. Separated from their data, business users struggled to get answers to key questions in a timely fashion; they resorted to painstaking manual number crunching that impacted efficiency for both business and IT.

But now, big data discovery combines flexible analytic engines, intuitive user interfaces, self-service delivery and other technologies designed with the business user in mind to make powerful and easy-to- use analytics available to every user in the enterprise. No longer is computing power a limiting factor as cloud-based systems provide the needed resources to scale to even the largest volumes of data and deliver results quickly.

Data discovery in the cloud is also opening up the landscape of possibilities for inter-enterprise collaboration enabled by sharing data and analytics. Leading cloud-based solutions can now easily integrate disparate data from various sources, combine it with enterprise data, and – using highly configurable access controls – facilitate data sharing with third-party organizations. This not only leads to tighter collaboration opportunities with business partners, but in many cases also enables opportunities for highly profitable data monetization.

Readers of the 1010data white paper will learn:

  • Ways in which big data discovery rapidly empowers business users with powerful self-service


  • Approaches for harmoniously introducing data discovery into the enterprise
  • New high-value business models enabled by big data discovery in the cloud, including:
    • Inter-enterprise collaboration
    • Leveraging of third-party data
    • Data sharing & monetization

With Cloud-based data discovery solutions, enterprises can now benefit from new and better insights using their own data and new outside data sources. Download the full whitepaper here:

“Traditional business intelligence infrastructures put up roadblocks between business users and their data. But cloud-based data discovery removes these obstacles and gives business users the analytical

freedom they’ve been waiting for. Users can get answers to their questions when they want, without having to wait,” said Sandy Steier, CEO of 1010data. “Modern cloud-based data discovery is also designed for the enterprise, so organizations don’t need to give anything up when it comes to data governance and centralized management of data and analytics.”

The whitepaper identifies a number of important factors that have helped shape the future of Big Data, making insights into Big Data more accessible, as well as unveiling new opportunities for its use in business intelligence.

Challenges remain however. Some data discovery solutions make little provision for integration with the enterprise or for using standardized measures and calculations of metrics across the organization – also known as maintaining a “single version of the truth.” Rather, such solutions can allow users to “go rogue,” creating conflicting results and making departmental and enterprise-wide decision making more difficult. While these types of growing pains are to be expected, a number of new big data discovery solutions successfully give users the analytical freedom they need while simultaneously enabling the all- important “single version of the truth.”