1010data’s “Big Data in Retail Playbook” Details how Big Data Analytics and Reporting are Transforming the Face of Retail

New playbook provides in-depth focus on how retailers use Big Data Discovery to develop world-class insight to grow their customer base and drive revenue

NEW YORK, October 21, 2015 -- 1010data, Inc., the only Big Data Discovery platform that uniquely combines a complete analytical platform with all of the relevant data clients need, today announced availability of “Big Data in Retail Playbook: 2015 Guide for Retail Solutions”. The playbook provides a roadmap for retailers on how to leverage the powerful capabilities of Big Data Discovery and analysis to glean insight from disparate data, bolster business efficiency, increase product availability, and, most importantly, drive sales revenue.

1010data’s “Big Data in Retail Playbook” details the profound effect data insights can have on retailers. It focuses on the importance of flexibility and scalability as organizations transition from traditional data management systems to dynamic new Big Data platforms.

Included in the 14-page playbook are ways in which big data is changing the face of retail by: 

  • Deepening Customer Understanding— Using a variety of methods such as Market Basket Analysis and Product Affinity Analysis, retailers can broaden their existing customer knowledge by leveraging raw enterprise data to determine the most efficient means to sell and promote products.
  • Layering External Data into Analyses—Retail data comes in many forms (POS, loyalty, and online data), and can give retailers a thorough understanding of customers’ shopping patterns. By blending enterprise data along with data related to demographics, economics, weather, gas prices, and other external factors, retailers can gain new and unexpected insight into customer behavior to inform strategic decision making and planning.
  • Building Data Excellence into Everyday Operations—Big Data Discovery solutions can enable retailers to centralize enterprise data on a single platform. This means data can be easily analyzed across all departments and sources. Additionally, new reporting and analytical technologies can be built leveraging existing ERP systems, which enables underlying systems to be configured and changed on the fly without disrupting current business processes.

“Leading retailers have already found incredible value in Big Data and this new playbook outlines how all retailers can begin to think about getting the most from their existing data,” said Sandy Steier, CEO and Co-founder of 1010data. “By moving from legacy systems to comprehensive solutions like 1010data’s Big Data Discovery and data cloud, retailers can build incredible flexibility, speed, and analytic functionality into the fabric of their organizations, enabling everyday users to turn trillions of rows of granular data into world-class insight.”

1010data’s “Big Data in Retail Playbook: 2015 Guide for Retail Solutions” can be downloaded in its entirety free of charge at https://info.1010data.com/White-Paper-2015-Big-Data-in-Retail.html.

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