1010data Delivers New Software Development Kits, Including A Python SDK To Support Analysis With Pandas, NumPy And Other Common Python Tools

 Upgraded Java and .NET SDKs Help App Developers Integrate Analytics And Data Across The Enterprise

NEW YORK – April 20, 2017 – 1010data, Inc., offering the only integrated platform that combines self-service data management and analytics at scale with ready-to-use data, today announced the release of its improved application development Software Development Kits (SDKs), designed to support application development and integration across enterprise operations. With enhancements to its .NET and Java SDKs, as well as a new Python SDK, 1010data’s new tools enable developers to build powerful and scalable applications on top of the 1010data Insights Platform.


Designed for seamless enterprise integration, the new SDKs offer Python, Java and .NET developers a familiar way to implement 1010data solutions across complex, hybrid, multi-vendor application architectures. 1010data’s SDKs allow for integration into common Java and .NET environments, such as Microsoft SharePoint, and provide greatly enhanced support for data scientists and other analysts who use Python for scientific computing and analysis.


Key highlights of the new SDK release include:

  • Added support for Python developers – an interactive, REPL (Read–Eval–Print Loop) experience in the shell that enables easy integration with Pandas, NumPy and other common Python libraries for analysis.
  • More seamless integration with Java and .NET – a revamped and intuitive object-oriented approach.
  • Enhanced support for high-concurrency application development – improved thread management and transparency in handling synchronizations and exceptions.


This new SDK release further strengthens 1010data’s capabilities when it comes to enterprise integration, providing application developers with a set of tools to incorporate 1010data into new and existing applications. In addition to the new SDKs, 1010data also provides SDKs for R, C and C++, as well as VBA.


“Enterprise customers require enterprise-class interoperability and open development environments, and that’s what 1010data provides for Big Data analytics,” said Sandy Steier, CEO and co-founder of 1010data. “We’re excited about delivering a suite of easy-to-use, intuitive tools to allow our developer community to more easily build the 1010data-based applications that they want and need.”


1010data SDKs, and relevant documentation, are available for download on the  . Here you will find SDKs that support many of the popular programming languages, including Python, Java, .NET, VBA, and C and C++.



About 1010data

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