1010data Debuts Next Generation Data Analysis with Version 10 of Its Insights Platform

Version 10 Introduces a State of the Art User Interface and Enhancements For Developers

NEW YORK--1010data, Inc., offering the only integrated platform that combines self-service data management and analytics at scale with ready-to-use data, today announced the release of Version 10 of its platform. For companies requiring deep insights into their business and customers, Version 10 provides increased self-service and makes it even easier to load, analyze and visualize enterprise-class data, and to write queries, debug errors and deploy user-friendly applications with its entirely redesigned and optimized GUI interface.

“From the very beginning, 1010data has offered users of all skill levels easy ways to access, analyze and interact with Big Data. Version 10 is a milestone release that leverages our experience over the last 16 years to yield a completely redesigned and fully-optimized experience for all users,” said Sandy Steier, CEO of 1010data. “Whether you are a business analyst, a data scientist or a developer, you will be able to do more with Version 10 on your own and have access to the full power and interactivity of our award-winning Insights Platform.”

1010data’s Version 10 platform significantly improves user experience with increased self-service and ease-of-use for both ad-hoc analysis and application development. The platform offers the following features:

Iterative Analytical Workflow - More intuitively explore and experiment with your data
Macro Language Workshop Tool - Boost productivity when developing applications with integrated
debugging and code evaluation capabilities
Dynamic Grid - Summarize and filter data right within the Trillion Row Spreadsheet and drag and drop
columns to rearrange views
Simpler Data Interactivity - Intuitively link, merge and join columns from disparate data sources and
tabulate data with easy drag and drop functionality
Improved Data Loading - Easily create new tables or edit existing ones, change values by hand or paste
data in from Excel or other sources

“When working with integrated datasets via an intuitive user interface, data consumers such as business analysts and analytics developers become more productive and analytically ‘curious’ than when they are required to coordinate between disparate datasets across multiple technologies and interfaces,” said John L Myers, Managing Research Director Business Intelligence at Enterprise Management Associates. “Version 10 of 1010data’s Insights Platform’s improved interface and new macro language workshop facilitates both business analysts and advanced application developers to load, blend, analyze and distribute their data in a single platform to better leverage their time and expertise for companywide analysis.”

Version 10 will be generally available in December 2016. For more information on Version 10 please visit

About 1010data

Gaining actionable insight requires the best analytical tools and access to all relevant data. 1010data offers a complete solution that provides both, with the only out-of-the-box, self-service, cross-enterprise insights platform. More than 850 of the world’s largest companies trust 1010data to manage, share and analyze over 32 trillion rows of data because of the company’s proven ability to deliver results more quickly, easily and accurately than any other solution. Please visit www.1010data.com for more information.