1010data Cloud-Based Platform Unaffected by Power Outages Caused By Hurricane Sandy

Security Precautions Prevent Potentially Massive Service Disruption

Hurricane Sandy has been devastating. The largest Atlantic hurricane ever recorded has caused an estimated $20 billion in damages and had a widespread effect on the American economy, property, and quality of life. The Department of Energy reported a combined 8,511,251 peak outages in over 21 states. New Jersey was one of the hardest hit, with 62% of customers left without power.

1010data was prepared. Although the staff in our New York office experienced the effects of Hurricane Sandy, as a company we stayed operational. 1010data did not experience a disruption in service or customer support during the storm or in the days after. We feel that this is a testament to the product we have developed and the redundant infrastructure that we have put in place to maintain it.

Our customers are among the worlds largest and we understand the impact that a disruption in service can have on their business. Software tests, data backups and standard precautions provide a certain level of confidence for any product, however they mean little if the product cannot withstand real life circumstances. After recent events, we can say with confidence that 1010data provides not only one of the fastest, but also one of the most secure and reliable data analytics platforms in the world.

Thank you for choosing 1010data. For those affected by Hurricane Sandy, we wish you and your business a swift recovery.

Sandy Steier
CEO and Co-Founder