1010data Celebrates 20 Year Anniversary

1010data Celebrates 20 Year Anniversary
Then and Now: From 9/11 to COVID-19, Helping Customers in Times of Need

Serving the Financial, Retail and Consumer Product Industries for 20 Years,
and focused on keeping clients ahead of the curve for the next 20


NEW YORK, NEW YORK - 1010data announces an exciting milestone as the company celebrates 20 years of delivering analytical intelligence and providing best-in-class consumer transaction and behavioral data. Launched in 2000, 1010data’s first client emerged in the wake of 9/11, with the formidable task of digitizing the daily transactions of a major trading platform immediately after the World Trade Center tragedy, when the publisher of their physical records was unable to continue operations. Now, 20 years later, 1010data is helping its customers keep their footing through a different crisis—the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Since its inception, 1010data’s powerful platform, initially designed for use by top financial institutions, has continually expanded—including retailers and consumer brands—to match the needs of these industries. With key strengths such as fast implementation times, flexibility to harmonize disparate data, the power to process rapid queries across massive datasets, and incorporation of 3rd party alternative data, 1010data helps name brands across industries keep up with the fast-changing pace of consumer spending. While continuing to serve the financial services industry, the firm has become a go-to source for retail and CPG as they’ve moved to embrace data analytics in order to grow and innovate.

1010data co-founder Joel Kaplan reflects: “From 2000 to the incredible culture that we have today, 1010data has been consistent in collaboration, growth, trust, and getting our clients what they need. Our initial task, helping our first customer following the September 11th attack, was taken on as a verbal agreement—an act of trust—and implemented in short order. In the last 20 years, we’ve seen a significant increase in the amount of data we handle and the enhancement of our analytical capabilities, enabling our clients to navigate through the current COVID-19 crisis, as well as helping them succeed and grow in more normal times.”

The 1010data Insights Platform is a powerful blend of market intelligence, enterprise analytics, and collaboration capabilities that work together to help drive smart decisions and better business outcomes—most recently by combining retail sales data with public COVID-19 data for better tracking of hotspots and impacts to specific geographic areas. With a dynamic view of changing consumer behaviors and market conditions, 1010data’s clients are prepared to anticipate and respond to today’s fast-changing realities and tomorrow’s unknown challenges.

Looking to the company’s future, 1010data’s CEO Inna Kuznetsova notes, “Our Insights Platform continues to evolve to solve not only for today’s, but tomorrow’s needs. Well before COVID-19, consumers’ buying patterns were rapidly changing, making data a much more critical part of understanding purchase behavior. Today, we are helping our clients to compete and thrive within the new paradigm of the pandemic, with advanced analytics and enhanced market intelligence data. Coming from our founders’ mandate to continually empower the end user, we are working to make data available faster, make it easier to digest and more useful to our clients for decision making. Over the next 20 years, we’ll be innovating with ever better ways to be here for our customers.”

For more information about 1010data and its 20th anniversary celebration, please visit www.1010data.com.

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For more than 20 years, 1010data has helped financial, retail and consumer goods customers monitor shifts in consumer demand and market conditions and rapidly respond with highly targeted strategies. The 1010data Insights Platform combines market intelligence, data management, granular enterprise analytics, and collaboration capabilities to empower better business outcomes. More than 900 of the world’s foremost companies partner with 1010data to power smarter decisions. To learn more, visit 1010data.com.

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