1010data Builds Momentum and Market Share in Big Data Analytics

Follows up Customer Milestone by Adding Marketing VP Tim Negris and Pursuing New Verticals

GigaOM Structure Big Data 2011 Conference, NEW YORK – March 23, 2011 – 1010data, Inc., the leading cloud- based big data analytics platform, is ramping up its business with the addition of Tim Negris as vice president of marketing. The move closely follows 1010data’s recent news about its 150th customer, and builds on the company’s successes in the market and $35M in funding that was secured last year. These developments are bringing the benefits of 1010data’s platform to new vertical markets including telecommunications, healthcare, non-profits and others.

The company’s sophisticated analytics and data warehousing technology offers a cloud-based destination for companies to manage and gain valuable insight from their own and third party data sets.

“We’re excited to have Tim on board, he brings not only exceptional marketing savvy but also a real understanding the technology that’s going to help us to reach new markets and educate the business public about our solutions,” said Joel Kaplan, CEO, 1010data. “His 25-years of in-the-trenches success and know-how will help establish 1010data as the most sought-after analytics technology that’s not buried in a mega vendor stack.”

Negris has a storied and successful career leading the marketing efforts of some of the biggest names in data management. He has held a variety of executive and consulting roles at numerous start-ups and giants including Sybase, Oracle, HP, Dell, and IBM. Negris has been a frequent contributor to a number of publications and sites, focusing on technologies and their applications. He is widely credited with coining the term and contributing to the concept of the “Thin Client” computing model while working for Larry Ellison in the early days of Oracle.

Last year 1010data secured a $35 million equity investment from Norwest Venture Partners, a leading global investment firm that manages more than $3.7 billion in capital. 1010data is drawing upon the funds and revenue to accelerate growth plans and to further expand their footprint into new vertical markets.

About 1010data

1010data provides the leading cloud-based Big Data analytics platform. The company’s namesake service provides the most powerful, usable and scalable solution available today for investigative and predictive analytics. It does this by combining ultra-fast database technology with a rich and sophisticated array of built-in analytical functions and an intuitive worksheet user interface, and delivers them as a managed service that offers the fastest time to value. And, with 1010data, there is no need for complex, time-consuming data design, integration, or transformation steps. The 1010data cloud also hosts and enables access to a growing number of large proprietary and public data sets, including ones for credit reporting, mortgage-backed securities, real estate, labor statistics, and more. 1010data is used by hedge funds, global banks, large securities exchanges, top retailers, leading consumer packaged goods companies, and many others industry leaders to manage, manipulate and monetize trillions of business data records every day.

To learn more please visit: www.1010data.com.