1010data Announces Addition of Mobile to Its Rich Set of Market Insights Data Panels

 With the addition of mobile, brands and retailers can gain a more complete view into ecommerce shopping behaviors

NEW YORK, September 8, 20161010data, Inc., offering the only unified platform that combines self-service data management and analytics at scale with ready-to-use data, today announced the expansion of its Market Insights data panels to include mobile data, providing an even more comprehensive view of shoppers’ ecommerce behavior and purchases.   


1010data Market Insights is a suite of data offerings that helps retailers and brands understand market share, path to purchase, consumer behavior and brand performance both locally and nationally, across online, mobile and offline channels. 1010data’s Market Insights suite of products leverages the most comprehensive consumer purchase panel in the U.S.  With a multi-data source approach to create an anonymous panel of millions of U.S. consumers, 1010data maximizes data accuracy and provides actionable insights for retailers and brands.


“The expansion of the 1010data Market Insights panels to include mobile data helps brands and retailers win by gaining insight into the full online, offline and mobile competitive landscapes –  providing a true omni-channel view,” said Natalie Seidman, Senior Vice President of Data Insights at 1010data. “By understanding what, where and how consumers are buying – across all devices, brands and retailers – businesses can make better decisions to support and grow their sales.”


With continuous and passive tracking of clicks and purchases, 1010data is able to provide granular data on products, sites and time periods for millions of individuals. 1010data enables retailers and brands to make facts-based decisions in ecommerce.


With 1010data Market Insights, businesses can:

  • Measure online market share across all sites and devices
  • Understand how big and how fast online channels are growing
  • Identify competitors’ fastest growing categories, brands and items for improved assortment
  • Benchmark retailer and brand conversion rates to help improve marketing efficiency
  • Track top converting key words for SEM and SEO efforts (which keywords, on which devices, actually lead to sales)
  • Build more powerful targeted marketing models based on actual purchase histories instead of just click-through rates


To learn more about 1010data Market Insights and all its data offerings, visit: https://www.1010data.com/products/data-insights/

About 1010data

Gaining actionable insight requires the best analytical tools and access to all relevant data. 1010data is a complete solution that provides both. We provide the only out-of-the-box, self-service, cross-enterprise insights platform. More than 750 of the world’s largest companies trust 1010data to manage, share and analyze over 29 trillion rows of data because of our proven ability to deliver results more quickly, easily and accurately than any other solution. Please visit www.1010data.com for more information.


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