Updates to 1010data’s Consumer Insights Platform Enable Retailers to Turn Loyalty Program Data into Retail Insights

In an effort to continuously expand and improve upon one of its most popular offerings, 1010data has released the latest version of its Consumer Insights Platform (CIP). The latest release includes four new reports that allow retailers and their suppliers to transform loyalty program data into insights they can apply to their promotional, merchandising and assortment strategies.

With the new reports, retailers and their suppliers can both track new item performance and peer into shopper baskets over time. This is significant since obtaining such metrics and insights at the retailer level is not so easy: retailers collect a lot of data via their loyalty programs but often struggle to make use of such data because they lack the right tools. That’s where the turnkey and user-friendly reporting capabilities of the 1010data CIP solution play an important role. With the new CIP reports, it’s easy to dive in and immediately get product trial, repeat, and source of volume, in addition to shopper affinity metrics.

Some notable features of the four new reports include:

  • Ability to track new item launches at a granular product level (Trial and Repeat report)
  • Source of volume breakouts for new or existing items – including analysis of incrementality to the category or portfolio (Source of Volume report)
  • Key metrics on the performance of specific products or categories among key shopper segments (Shopper Sales Trend report)
  • Product affinity insights across time by shopper segment to inform strategic decision-making (Affinity by Shopper report)


The ‘Trial and Repeat’ report measures new item performance via key sales metrics

Via the 1010data CIP, retailers and their suppliers have extensive access to customizable pre-built reports that provide granular visibility across all levels of the business, including item, basket, department and store. As retailers continue to evolve their analytical capabilities – and data becomes an increasingly important retail differentiator – 1010data will continue to expand CIP to meet new retail data challenges.

To learn more about the 1010data Consumer Insights Platform, contact us at info@1010data.com

If you’re a retailer and have a data unification challenge, we encourage you to email us to take advantage of our Data Unification 30-Day Program, which allows you to test-drive our platform. By giving us your data, we will give you a unified analytical view of your business in 30 days at no cost *.

*For retailers who meet the program criteria.



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