The Potential of Petsmart’s Acquisition of Chewy

Market Research Analyst

 Petsmart’s $3.35 billion acquisition of Chewy is the officially the largest ecommerce acquisition ever. Once rivals, Chewy will now operate independently under the Petsmart umbrella. Using consumer purchase behavior data from online and in-store channels, 1010data analyzed what kind of consumers Petsmart acquired, what their preferences are, and how this acquisition ultimately positions Petsmart as the largest pet retailer in the United States. Looking at data from the past three years, 1010data found that:


  • Petsmart is adding 3% more customers to their base with the potential to earn 15% more in sales each year by acquiring Chewy
  • Chewy customers are less brand-conscious, giving Petsmart the opportunity to upsell their new customers
  • Petsmart is gaining back the share they lost when Chewy entered the market, positioning them as the biggest pet retailer online and in-store


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