The Importance of Getting the Right Gift

In our second analysis of the 2014 1010data Holiday Study, we’re analyzing drivers of the competitive shopping environment that pervade stores leading up to the Christmas holiday.  For the full press release, click here.

Historical gift shortages are still alive in the memories of American shoppers. After controlling for age differences, 1983’s Cabbage Patch Kids emerged as the top worst historical gift shortage, followed by 1996’s Tickle Me Elmo.


Anxieties about holiday shopping come with good reason for many shoppers—52% of respondents report having experienced a negative reaction from their significant other after giving an unexpected or different holiday gift because the item they really wanted was not available, out of stock, or too expensive. 


If you’re planning on doing any holiday shopping this year, better be thoughtful about it.

Unsurprisingly, when it comes to holiday gift-giving, timing is everything for American shoppers. This makes it ever important for Retailers to get the old industry adage, “Get the Right Product, In the Right Place, At the Right Time” right this holiday season.

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