The Best of Online Beauty

Market Research Analyst

With beauty blogs, YouTube tutorials and Instagram influencers, today’s consumers are always expanding their beauty horizons and giving no-name brands a chance to become tomorrow’s industry leaders. It’s been twenty years since was launched in the United States, and since then the online beauty industry has grown into a $3.1 billion behemoth. Aside from beauty retailers like Sephora and Ulta, direct-to-consumer sites and online marketplaces have become pivotal platforms for expanding the beauty industry online. With lower barriers to entry online, beauty is constantly up for grabs for today’s retailers and brands. 

Knowing your market position, discovering the consumer decisions that influence conversions and understanding the loyalty of your customers is essential to winning in online beauty. 1010reveal’s Ecommerce Suite provides monthly signals on online shopping behavior to help you navigate through the market chaos and course correct quickly. 

Download our "Best of Online Beauty" report to uncover today’s category, brand, and retail leaders and the factors that led to their success. 


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