Online TV Category Report (October 2015 – September 2016)

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November is here and most of us have one thing on our minds as the end of the month approaches: what kind of bargains am I going to get this Black Friday? Over the years my family has waited for this fateful day to make big-ticket item purchases, and a new TV always seems to be at the top of the list. Many consumers are used to shopping in-store for a new TV, but there are plenty who prefer purchasing a TV without ever having to get off the couch. 1010data analyzed the TV category online from October 2015 – September 2016 and found that online sales reached $3.2 billion and grew 40% year over year.


Size of the Television Market



I already mentioned that this is a large online category that is growing at a healthy pace, but as we see in the above chart, most of sales are occurring in November. There were slight spikes in February and July, likely due to seasonal promotional sales. Even so, November and December combined accounted for 45% of all online TV sales over the past year.


Top TV Brands by Sales Online



Samsung retained its top spot as the number one TV brand based on online sales this year, after growing 6-points in market share year over year. Vizio remained in second place, despite a 5-point loss in market share, while LG, Sony and TCL experienced similar gains. TCL holds some of the top spots when it comes to most popular items, which is contributing to their relative market share growth and Vizio’s decline.


Top TV Retailers by Sales Online



Online TV sales at Best Buy grew 6-share points year over year to be the clear retail winner of the online TV category. Amazon Direct and Marketplace, as well as Walmart declined year over year, likely due to Best Buy’s growth. While half of Best Buy and Amazon’s sales come from Samsung TVs, Walmart generates most of its online TV sales from Vizio and Sceptre. Despite Newegg’s decline year over year, Best Buy’s success proves that not all category-specific retailers are in jeopardy.



Top TV Brands by Product Views 



Most of TV’s top ten brands by product views are also in the top ten based on sales. Samsung and Vizio still hold the top spots, but each brand had an 8-point share loss year over year. Brands with lower price points, like Sony, Sharp and Toshiba, experienced an improvement in ability to convert views into purchases. Brands like LG that experienced flat product view growth can invest more in advertising online to drive business to their product pages across all e-retailers.



The online TV market is growing with sales peaking during the holiday season (November/December). Samsung holds the top spot and, along with LG, is likely benefitting from integrating their smart TVs with their other smart/connected home products. However, brands with more affordable models, like Sceptre, TCL and RCA are increasing in demand. It will be interesting to see how TV sales break down online this November and what kind of deals brands and retailers will promote to drive sales. I know I’m personally interested in what offers retailers will have on 4K models.



1010data utilizes a number of sources of consumer spending data representing millions of consumers to provide an accurate assessment of online and offline retail sales, market share, and more. Our data enables clients to track consumer behavior using high-quality, granular datasets that are often difficult to source, cleanse, and consolidate.


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