Online Sun Care Category Report (May – July 2016)

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As we enter fall and reflect on our summer, it’s hard to forget some of the distasteful burns we had to encounter. How did we forget about sunscreen? A product that most are familiar with purchasing at the local drugstore has foraged into new territory and produced nearly $40 million in online sales from May – July 2016. Looking back on this summer, 1010data uncovered who the biggest players are in the online sun care space. 


Top Brands by Sales ($)

  1. Neutrogena
  2. EltaMD
  3. Banana Boat
  4. Blue Lizard
  5. La Roche
  6. Coppertone
  7. Badger
  8. Australian Gold
  9. No-Ad






During summer 2016, EltaMD, a brand only sold at doctor’s offices, was the second top brand for online sales and beat out big-name brands like Banana Boat and Coppertone. Neutrogena, which attained the #1 spot this year, grew the most of any brand at 28 percent. Australian Gold experienced the biggest decline in growth with 25 percent less online sales than during May – July 2015. This chart reveals that dermatologist recommended brands, like Neutrogena, EltaMD and La Roche, perform well in the online space.


Top Sites by Sales ($)

  1. – market
  2. – direct
  5. – subscription






Amazon accounted for about 83 percent of Sun Care’s online sales so far this summer. Amazon Marketplace experienced a slight decline in share, while Amazon Direct and Subscription each grew by about 30 percent. Specialty retailers, like, Sephora, Nordstrom and Ulta, all sold less this summer, indicating that Amazon is still the best online retailer in this space.


Top Brands by Product Views 


  1. Neutrogena
  2. Banana Boat
  3. Coppertone
  4. Blue Lizard
  5. La Roche
  6. Australian Gold
  7. Shiseido
  8. L’Oreal
  9. EltaMD






Neutrogena is still the top brand when ranking by number of product views online. This suggests that Neutrogena’s media strategy is successful at bringing customers to their product pages. Meanwhile, EltaMD has fewer product views but high market share, and their ability to convert views into sales is three times greater than Coppertone’s. EltaMD’s high conversion rate indicates that customers who view their products online have a high likelihood of purchasing. Coppertone can improve its conversion rate by altering their product and promotion strategies on top online retailer sites, like Amazon.



Overall, it seems like specialty brands are dominating the online sun care market, but specialty retailers are being brushed aside by big players like Amazon. Household names, such as Coppertone and Banana Boat, should take a hint from the dermatologist recommended brands and alter their promotional strategies to boost sales. Amazon as a retailer owns so much of this online market that they would be wise to enter with their own sun care product.


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