Market Insights Series: Amazon’s Advance – The War of the Wipes

Market Research Analyst

Amazon owns most of the online market’s “shelf space,” and is leveraging this in an attempt to gain market share for its own branded products. In this four-part series, we dive into the three categories where Amazon products are booming. Here’s a look into the online baby wipes category from September 2015 – August 2016 and the role that Amazon’s baby wipes brand, Amazon Elements, plays within it.

The online baby wipes market is estimated at $60 million with 80% of sales occurring through Amazon sites. At the end of 2014, Amazon introduced Amazon Elements as a new product line, touting quality and transparency of product ingredients. So far, the line only includes baby wipes and is exclusive to Amazon Prime members. Despite the limited audience, Amazon has quickly become one of the top brands for baby wipes with 16% market share amongst top 10 brands, just behind Huggies (33%) and Pampers (26%). Though Amazon isn’t the number one baby wipe brand online, sales of their Amazon Elements baby wipes have grown 266% year over year and customers who view their products are three times as likely to purchase than the category average. Given their success amongst Prime members, will Amazon expand to a wider audience? If so, how will that impact market share?


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