Low Code Platforms Power 1010data Progressive Analytic Applications

Chief Technology Officer

Low Code Platforms Power 1010data Progressive Analytic Applications

Enabling Faster Access to Actionable Business Insights

Today’s leaders rely on the development of actionable business insights to enable rapid decision-making. At 1010data, we support several low code platforms including Salesforce’s Tableau and Microsoft’s PowerBI, which allow business users - via quickly developed dashboards and visual analytics - to communicate insights to enable rapid decision making. This all runs on 1010data’s blazing fast progressive analytics platform, powered by in-memory technology and scale out architecture for big data.

Gartner defines low code application platforms (LCAPs) as “an application platform that supports rapid application development, deployment, execution, and management using declarative, high-level programming abstractions such as model-driven and metadata-based programming languages, and one-step deployments. LCAPS provide and support user interfaces, business processes, and data services.” At 1010data, we believe in the capability of low code platforms to deliver highly visual prototypes and applications to enable quick access to actionable business insights.

Actionable business insights are meaningful findings resulting from the analysis of data and used to make data informed decisions and well suited for a broad sweeping range of industries. 1010data recently provided data points to The New York Times on the increased cost of refrigerators and dishwashers for those thinking about kitchen renovations. Other examples include changes to data driven category management and delivering to the demands of today’s shoppers. Disruptions over the past year have driven innovation amongst the supply chain due to lack of containers, warehousing labor, and warehousing capacity, resulting in rethinking sourcing and diversifying to reduce risks.

A low code approach, such as that used by 1010data, helps companies cut down on thousands of lines code, resulting in the use of components and building of applications at the rapid pace required today. It also enables the use of drag and drop builders to build Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning products rapidly. According to Project Management Institute study, nearly half of all technology projects take more time than estimated to get to a production-ready state. 1010data’s customers demand enterprise analytic applications delivered quickly on our progressive analytics platform and within days - not months or years. Low code platforms have been found to speed up the development process and reduce go-to-market time by at least 50%.

What connectivity options does 1010data support?

1010data now allows organizations to utilize their existing data visualization and business intelligence (BI) software investments to analyze data in its platform through various connectivity options. ODBC and JDBC drivers offer industry standard connectivity options supported by all popular business intelligence platforms including Tableau, PowerBI, Qlik, TIBCO Spotfire and Microstrategy. As part of this package, for Tableau and PowerBI, 1010data also offers specialized connectors for better optimized queries and easier setup.

How do 1010data customers benefit from these connectors?

The Analyst

• The connectors give analysts the flexibly to access, blend, interrogate, and visualize their data through Tableau/PowerBI through self-service.

CIO/Director of Analytics

• For companies that have standardized to Tableau or PowerBI, these connectors allows faster implementation time, decreased training costs, and greater integration with their current reporting infrastructure

Chief Merchandising Officer

• Executives are too busy to learn to use our reports like CIP but are excited to get their important business metrics through simple dashboards built on top of the connectors. They also don't need to switch back and forth between multiple report portals.

1010data’s Pre-Built BI Templates

1010data is building and offering pre-built BI templates using PowerBI and Tableau that will let users visualize data quickly in an easy-to-use workflow. Users can use and modify these BI templates as starting points to meet their organizations’ needs. Below is one of 1010data’s templates built in a matter of hours versus traditional software development approach requiring several weeks. This template tracks sales performance, showing sales, sales velocity, sales by weekend, sales by store division, and a map of year-over-year sales.


Building of the templates does not obviate the need for requirements gathering and user experience design, which will take just as much time before. Use of low code platform and pre-built templates however shorten the development process for 1010data’s customers. This also reduces costs and time to deliver as low code solutions require less engineering and result in faster time to delivery. A successful business decision wins over everything else in the organization, as articulated by many of our customers. This results in stronger partnerships with our customers allowing them to make quicker decisions.