Intuitive Big Data Analytics with Version 10 of the 1010data Insights Platform

Since the inception of 1010data, we’ve strived to put more analytic power in the hands of users, and make it easier for every business person to make better decisions based on data.  Indeed, the founders’ background as heavy users of analytics – and our experience with technologies that made our jobs easier – convinced us that the democratization of analysis was both possible and necessary.

Now, after seventeen years of continuing progress and success, I’m happy to tell you that – thanks to the input of our community of users and application developers, as well as the hard work of our talented product teams – 1010data has reached another major milestone in helping achieve our goal: version 10 of the award-winning 1010data Insights Platform.

Version 10 is packed with new analytics capabilities, as well as a completely revamped user experience, making it the most user-empowering version of the 1010data Insights Platform to date. We’ve also rolled out new tools and enhancements geared towards application developers, so end-user applications can be designed, developed and maintained more rapidly and efficiently than ever before.

One of the most exciting things about this release is that it lets any user – from business user to data scientist – interact with big data in a way that supports natural, train-of-thought analysis.

Driving new value from big data requires iterative, creative and collaborative thinking. People need to be able to explore the depth and variety of data that exists within their organization and outside of it. They need to be able to test out theories and hypotheses, and refine ideas until they arrive at a new insight that can make a difference for their business. Then – to truly leverage insights across the enterprise – users need the able to share those insights with other users, so everyone can make better everyday business decisions backed by data.

Version 10 of the 1010data Insights Platform turns this workflow into a reality. One of the core enabling features is the all new 1010data Analytical Timeline. As a user builds an analysis, the 1010data Analytical Timeline tracks each step. If you want to backtrack, try something new, or simply undo anything you’ve done – the timeline lets you click into any step and make changes. And, as you try out new and different analytic operations on your data, the results of your query are updated on-they-fly, so you can iterate and explore until all your questions are answered.  All of this without touching any code.

The 1010data Analytical Timeline also solves one of the biggest challenges of collaborating with others on ad-hoc analytics: How was this analysis built? With 1010data v10, you can see the lineage of every analysis – where the data came from, how it was transformed, and how calculations were built – again, without looking at code. This gives you the freedom to build on top of an existing analysis, and more easily partner with your colleagues to elevate your company’s analytics to a new level.

When you’ve arrived at an analysis that can change the way you and your business make decisions, it’s critical to make that analysis available to all relevant people in your organization – and perhaps even in partner organizations. With 1010data version 10, that’s easier than ever to do, with features like Visible Variables, which allow an analyst or analytic app developer to take any analysis and easily equip it to accept user-input parameters.

If your enterprise needs an even more robust way to deploy production analytics, version 10 of the 1010data Insights Platform includes a range of new features aimed specifically at application developers. Chief among these is the all-new Macro Language Workshop, offering full debugging and code evaluation capabilities for developers and advanced analysts. The interface also lets developers instantly render code in multiple destination output formats, making it more efficient than ever to create and deploy analytic apps via desktop, mobile, email and other formats.

Version 10 of the 1010data Insights Platform has tons of additional new capabilities – from enhanced integrated documentation, to fully customizable front-end interfaces, to powerful and intuitive new ways for any user to load and integrate big data –much more than I could possibly hope to cover in a blog post.

Needless to say, we’re excited about this release of the 1010data Insights Platform. Once you get your hands on it, I think you will be, too.

To all our customers, thank you for the feedback and input that helped make this release possible. And to all future new users of 1010data, we hope you enjoy and benefit from 1010data version 10. We’re eager to hear your input on how we can further enhance the 1010data platform so it continues to deliver tremendous business value to all 1010data users.

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