COVID-19 Retail Impact Check-In Report: An update to sector spending trends as states begin to re-open

Innovation Research Analyst

Given the spread of COVID-19, there have been unprecedented changes in retail demand. As consumers took to their homes for health and safety reasons, we dug into our Credit and Debit transactional data to understand the impact made to the retail industry, and now we are revisiting some of those industries to see which ones are still falling, starting to stabilize, growing, or benefiting as states begin to emerge from lockdown.

This analysis focuses on the following areas:

  • State Re-Opening Impact to Spend in Greater vs. Lesser Impacted Areas
  • Updates to Travel Industry Spend
  • Wholesale Club Customers Shift From In-Store to Online Shopping
  • Consumer Staples Industry Thriving, and Pharmacies Surviving
  • Apparel not yet a Priority, but Home Improvement is Booming​

Read the full report here.

We will continue monitoring consumer demand changes and trends over the coming months.

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