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Chief Technology Officer

Low Code Platforms Power 1010data Progressive Analytic Applications

Today’s leaders rely on the development of actionable business insights to enable rapid decision-making. At 1010data, we support several low code platforms including Salesforce’s Tableau and Microsoft’s PowerBI, which allow business users - via quickly developed dashboards and visual analytics - to communicate insights to enable rapid decision making.... Read more

It's About the Team.

We try to plan our careers; often like a ship on the open seas, the tide and wind steer us in the strangest directions. My journey so far has taught me a lot - I have had experiences that could not have been planned in my wildest dreams. Through the evolution of my career I came to understand that my personal competitive edge and innate instinct drove me to help individuals and teams strive for success and build market changing products.... Read more

Remote Interviewing at 1010data

As Interviewing and Onboarding at 1010data have both gone virtual, the Talent Acquisition team has put together a guide on best practices for remote interviewing for our candidates. We hope this helps you feel prepared and ready for your upcoming interviews—please don’t hesitate to reach out to your Recruiter with any questions. We’re excited for you to speak with our teams!... Read more

Chief Technology Officer

Innovative Technology at 1010data: Delivering Analytics and Visualizations at the Speed of Lightning

Blazing-fast performance for analytics and interactive visualizations is the most important technology goal for 1010data. Powered by in-memory technology and a scale-out architecture for big data, this new class of progressive analytics platform is designed to support both analytics and visualization. Progressive analytics has a hyper-transformative effect on a business’ ability to deliver actionable insights at lightning speed and deliver better business outcomes.... Read more